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1991年4月19日東京都出身。2003年から詩作、2004年から楽器演奏、2007年から作曲と録音物制作に取り組む。2007年に結成しギタリストを務めているバンドしゃしくえでは、1stアルバムキラリティ(2014年 / 円盤)、2ndアルバム『Darkness』(2019年 / an earを発表。ソロ作品にGREAT BARRIER FREE vol.1(2011年)、『火口』(2012年)、『Daily Music 2014』(2015年)、『Solidus』(2021年)など。しゃしくえのピアニストでもある山本明尚とのデュオ・インスト作品に『Double Stairs to Eifuku』(2016年)がある。2020年のコロナ禍に不定形の宅録ユニット「人工芝」をスタートし、1stアルバム『100%人工』(2020年)をリリースした。



*Profile / English


Born April 19, 1991 / in Tokyo Japan. I’ve been working on poetry since 2003, playing instruments since 2004, musical composition and recording works since 2007. I formed the band “Shacique” in 2007, and I’m acting as the guitarist. The band released 1st double album “Chirality” [2014 / ENBAN], 2nd album “Darkness” [2019 / an ear]. Solo works; “GREAT BARRIER FREE vol.1” [2011], “A Crater” [2012], “Daily Music 2014” [2015], “Solidus” [2021], etc. “Double Stairs to Eifuku” [2016] is duo instrumental album with Akihisa YAMAMOTO, the pianist of Shacique. “100% Artificial” [2020] is 1st album by ZINNKOUSHIBA that is a online recording unit I formed in 2020.
And I’ve been taking part in the band “OWKMJ” as a guitarist since 2012. In addition, I’m taking on musical composition for exhibitions or film works, support performance for other artists, engineering of recording or mixing, etc.
Side by side with each activities, I’ve enagaged in job on fine-arts since 2013. Through private museum of art, writer, director in Japanese antique art / contemporary art, now I’m working as a curator in a museum in Tohoku district. And I write article about various arts; music, fine-arts, comic, literature, etc. And essay or short story. Final academic background is; BA Department of Aesthetics and Art History, Faculty of Literature, Keio University. In school days, my subjects of study were Japanese oil painting history before and during World War Ⅱ, and the painter Ai-Mitsu.


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